Paul Young

Educator, Designer, Culinary Explorer




About Paul Young:


I am a self-taught cook, educator and graphic designer with over 40 years of experience in the marketing communications industry. My favorite pastime is trying new dishes in restaurants and then attempting to recreate them at home. I'm a curious foodie and an adventurous international culinary explorer who has traveled to 25 different countries (so far).


Since retiring as a graphic design professor at Parkland College in 2019, I have been cooking at home a lot more and have found myself reconnecting with my passion for experimenting with exotic flavors from around the world. With these upcoming cooking classes, I'm hoping to share what I know about my favorite ethnic foods and some of my favorite recipes.


My professional design experience has included creative positions in ad agencies, design studios, publishing firms and in-house art departments in New York City and Milwaukee. Currently my partner Bonnie and I have a graphic design studio called Electric Pictures in Champaign, Illinois.


As an educator, I've taught graphic design at Parsons School of Design, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, Eastern Illinois University and Parkland College, where I was a tenured professor for 20 years.

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