Paul Young

Educator, Designer, Culinary Explorer




Flavor Principles of Ethnic Cooking


My friend Marina, an Ukrainian native now living in Champaign, will be the chef du jour for this special event. We will cook up a four-course home-style Ukrainian dinner just for you. Marina will introduce you to Ukrainian culture and talk about the similarities and differences between Ukrainians and Russians. She will also share her childhood memories while living under Soviet rule.


Here's what to expect on this special evening:


Maximize your experience (optional): Watch the 2019 historical drama 'Mr. Jones' (currently streaming on Hulu, Prime Video, and Kanopy*), then join us for stimulating conversation about the movie and its themes during dinner.



*Kanopy is a free streaming service available in Champaign-Urbana via our local public libraries as well as the University of Illinois library. is the first global community for shared food experiences, bringing people together around dining tables and food activities wherever they go. With hundreds of food experiences in every major international destination, Eatwith has become the Airbnb for unique culinary adventures. We are proud to be the first Eatwith host in Illinois outside of the Chicago area. Our goal is to bring you culinary experiences not typically available in Champaign-Urbana, hosted by locals with a passion for ethnic cuisines. We subscribe to the Eatwith mission of encouraging new cultural discoveries, sharing celebrations of diversity, and making more meaningful connections to the world — a mission that is more precious now than ever.